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Build a Sporadic Group in Your Basement 291 Paul E. Becker, Martin Derka, Sheridan Houghten and Jennifer Ulrich Convergent Power Series for Boundary Value Problems and Eigenproblems with Application to Atmospheric and Oceanic Tides 306 John P. Boyd and Houjun Wang More Grade School Triangles 324 Arno Berger On Lexell's Theorem 337 Hiroshi Maehara and Horst Martini A Little Ado about Rectangles 345 Antonio Avilés and Grzegorz Plebanek NOTES A Superpowered Euclidean Prime Generator 351 Trevor D. Wooley On the Greatest Common Divisor of Binomial Coefficients 353 Carl McTague A Counting Proof of a Theorem of Frobenius 357 David E. Speyer Convergence for Series With Terms Defined by a 360 Recurrence Relation Evelyn R. Easdale, Jolene E. Fleming, and Bogdan D. Suceava˘ Golomb's Conjecture on Prime Gaps 365 Christian Elsholtz PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS 369 BOOK REVIEWS Mom the Chemistry Professor: Personal Accounts 379 and Advice from Chemistry Professors Who Are Mothers by R. Cole, C. Marzabadi, G. Webster, K. Woznach, eds. MATHBITS 356, A Telescoping Proof of the AM-GM Inequality An Official Publication of the Mathematical Association of America monthly THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL VO LU M E 1 24, N O. 4 A P R I L 20 1 7

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