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Mathematics for Human Flourishing 483 Francis Edward Su From Tarski's Plank Problem to Simultaneous Approximation 494 Andrey Kupavskii and János Pach Introducing Nash Equilibria via an Online Casual Game 506 That People Actually Play David Aldous and Weijian Han Equitable Candy Sharing 518 Grant Cairns On the Limiting Behavior of Solutions of Linear Difference 527 Equations Finbarr Holland On Functions Whose Mean Value Abscissas Are Midpoints, 535 with Connections to Harmonic Functions Paul Carter and David Lowry-Duda NOTES Klein Four Actions on Graphs and Sets 543 Darren B. Glass Fermat's Little Theorem and Gauss Congruence: Matrix 548 Versions and Cyclic Permutations Heinrich Steinlein The Riemann Zeta Function With Even Arguments as 554 Sums Over Integer Partitions Mircea Merca An Elementary Derivation of the Numerical Integration 558 Bounds in Beginning Calculus Lee K. Jones PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS 563 BOOK REVIEW Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: 572 A Unified Approach by John H. Hubbard and Barbara Burke Hubbard Jeffrey Nunemacher MATHBITS 547, Dissection of an Equilateral Triangle into Five Congruent Open Sets; 562, A Very Short Proof of the Infinitude of Primes An Official Publication of the Mathematical Association of America monthly THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL VO LU M E 1 24, N O. 6 J U N E-J U LY 20 1 7

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