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The Sleeping Beauty Controversy 579 Peter Winkler On the Lengths of Curves Passing Through Boundary 588 Points of a Planar Convex Shape Arseniy Akopyan and Vladislav Vysotsky Using the "Freshman's Dream" to Prove Combinatorial 597 Congruences Moa Apagodu and Doron Zeilberger A Further Stroll into the Eisenstein Primes 609 Philip P. West and Brian D. Sittinger A Menger Redux: Embedding Metric Spaces Isometrically 621 in Euclidean Space John C. Bowers and Philip L. Bowers NOTES Counting Walks and Graph Homomorphisms via Markov 637 Chains and Importance Sampling David A. Levin and Yuval Peres On the First k-Ramanujan Prime 642 Christian Axler and Thomas Leßmann An Infinite Product for the Square Root of an Integer 647 Amrik Singh Nimbran On Bases That Are Closed Under Multiplication 651 Tomasz Kania Maria Gaetana Agnesi Meets Johannes Kepler 654 Óscar Ciaurri PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS 659 BOOK REVIEW Sourcebook in the Mathematics of Medieval Europe and 667 North Africa by Victor J. Katz, Menso Folkerts, Barnabas Hughes, Roi Wagner, and J. Lennart Berggren, eds. Calvin Jongsma MATHBITS 641, The Other Moore Method; 658, Another Proof of the Binomial Theorem An Official Publication of the Mathematical Association of America monthly THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL VO LU M E 1 24, N O. 7 AU G U ST-S E PT E M B E R 20 1 7

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